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Video… is the BUZZ word in Age of COVID-19

Today, social distancing and remote learning are only way to keep the Covid19 virus at the bay. In these times Video is the only medium that is very impactful and offers solution to meet learning objective and business goals.

Video provides a highly engaging learning experience, resulting in greater recall. Videos can be used to address corporate training needs like Online training, learning aids, Just-in-time learning, Informal learning and social learning.

Similarly, in the marketing sector, Video are used to create a strong digital video marketing strategy. Video based communication is very impactful in social media marketing and organizations can leverage videos to build customer base and increase sales. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are also great places for video marketing content.

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Trends in Video based learning and Video based marketing… in 2020

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Videos and interactive videos will be dominating the eLearning domain in 2020. Microlearning videos and interactive videos will be used extensively to deliver high level of engaging and immersive learning experience.

Videos will be used for:

  • Corporate Training Needs
  • Corporate Initiatives
  • Microlearning video
  • Interactive video
  • Branching video
  • 360-Degree videos
  • Personalized Trainings
  • Rated videos

 Videos will be also playing major role in digital – social marketing in the 2020. Videos will be storyboarded and created as per the business goals and serve different marketing purposes. The common types of
videos used for marketing are:

  • Product & service videos
  • Brand videos
  • Explainer/How-To videos

Marketing in Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 is testing the marketers and the brands. The marketers has to think about brand building, staff safety and rewarding their values. It is the time for the marketers to discuss about the customers, the business and product. It would be injustice to leave out of our discussion pricing and customer behaviour. Consumer attitudes and behaviours are changing.

Today, we'll have to adapt to working, shopping, exercising, entertainment, and learning at home. Digital experience is replacing with in-person experiences. Some of the new habits will become the new normal – even after the crisis passes. Agencies have started adapting to Video Based Marketing, to inform the customers of the brands available market and understand customer needs. The coronavirus crisis will test us all, but marketers need to rework on their long-term strategies, impactful and cost-effective media.